“Don’t dress betrayal up as a favor”

Episode Title: Gloriana
Original Air Date: November 4, 2016
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

Margaret and Peter are reunited, but another obstacle stands in their way. Elizabeth is torn between her duty as Queen and her love for her sister.

My Review

I can’t believe I’m done with the show. Now what are we supposed to do now? Season two is still a long way off. I’m tempted to start reading any book about Queen Elizabeth because I’m so intrigued by her and her life and I want to find out more about her. This show is great, but I don’t think it really delved too much on Elizabeth’s life.

This was a very good finale, but I think I preferred/enjoyed the previous two episodes more. I felt for Margaret, I really did, but she really put Elizabeth in a difficult position because the government and the Crown cannot and won’t let this marriage happen. I wonder how things would have been different if Margaret and Peter’s story is occurring now. I bet this wouldn’t even be a point of contention and they would be able to marry with no issues. Hell, Charles was able to marry Camila Parker Bowles with no issues even though her ex-husband was still alive (right?).

It saddened me to have the sisters be at odds again and that they weren’t able to heed their father’s advice about not letting one another down. I do still love their relationship, though. It’s so complicated and so layered and just so interesting. I hope we get to see more of that in season two.

Ugh, Philip, shut up already. I wanted to smack him for his comment about his kids: “Well, our daughter’s a boy and our son is, God bless him, a girl.” And what exactly is wrong with that?

Did anyone else groan when Edward showed up again? I swear I can’t stand this man at all. I rolled my eyes when he was talking to Elizabeth over the phone and lamenting the fact that he’s a half-king with no kingdom. Cry me a fucking river. But I do like that he’s there for Elizabeth when she needs advice. Just need to see less of him next season, please.

And I also liked this part of his speech: “We are half-people. Ripped from the pages of some bizarre mythology, the two sides within us, human and crown engaged in a fearful civil war, which never ends.”

What is going on with Eden and what is he injecting himself with? Is he hiding how sick he really is from everyone? Hasn’t he learned from what Churchill and Salisbury did and keeping Churchill’s strokes from the Queen?

All in all, this was a magnificent series and a TV triumph. The production values are unparalleled and the performances extraordinary. Special mentions go out to Claire Foy and John Lithgow, both quite deserving of all the awards that they have gotten earlier this year. Here’s to season two!


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