“Your job is not your purpose”

Episode Title: Victory Lap
Original Air Date: April 6, 2017
Episode Number: 2×07

Episode Description

Axe assembles a war room in the Hamptons following a disastrous setback in Sandicot for Axe Capital. The fate of the town hangs in the balance while Axe seeks counsel on how to best recoup his losses. Meanwhile, Chuck capitalizes on a high-profile victory, but alienates Wendy in the process, causing the couple to change the status of their separation.

My Review

This show! So good! That episode was pretty damn intense and also a lot of fun and it was packed as hell. There were a lot of things that happened so let’s get to it.

Chuck finally makes his run for office almost overt, but not quite yet. He’s making all these moves and conversations that will start his path to the governorship with his dad by his side. I have a feeling that path will be a tough one because even though his name and popularity are positive right now, he will find out that he probably has a lot of enemies and once Axe finds out who those are, Axe will make his run for office very difficult.

Chuck and Wendy decide to see other people and Wendy takes advantage of this by calling Craig, the rich inventor (I think?) from a few episodes ago. He’s enamored with Wendy and feels like he doesn’t feel weightless or restless with her so he’s looking to possibly have a relationship with Wendy already. Dude, slow down. I liked how Wendy shut him down and told him to calm the fuck down that this was just a one-time thing (for now) and not read too much into this. I fully expect Craig to show up again, though, because you don’t cast James Wolk and not have him come back for more episodes.

I think my favorite part of this episode was Bryan and all of his scenes. I really like how the show is showing his struggle at working for a boss like Chuck who is a hypocrite and who’s breaking the law to get what he wants. Axe’s lawyer is right in that Bryan is an idealist and his morals are not aligning with the morals of his boss so that’s why Axe and his lawyer keep on pressing Bryan to work for them. I hope Bryan doesn’t, though, because I don’t want to lose the dynamic between him and Chuck.

Their scene in that restaurant was one of the highlights of the episode. I wonder how long Chuck has known that Bryan was the one who had him investigated. Bryan’s face when Chuck was talking about rats was priceless. Nicely played by the actor. He knew right then and there this wasn’t a lunch to announce his promotion as Head of Crim, but a lunch where he and Chuck hash it out and put everything on the table.

Wendy and Axe going at it was great and I have missed their scenes together. It’s a sticky situation for Wendy to be in, but she didn’t have anything to do with Danzig quitting. That’s all on him. She only did her job and helped him figure out what he needs to do since he was stuck and his conscience was gnawing at him. For Axe to yell at Wendy for only doing her job seems unprofessional and inconsiderate.

This episode made Axe’s situation pretty dire, but if he loses $500 million, what exactly is that to him? I’m sure he can recoup such a big loss by doing what he and his team do best: trade like there’s no tomorrow and make Axe Capital even more successful than it already is. Meanwhile he’s going to go after the Sandicot people and seize all their assets just so he doesn’t end up in the hole. Way to screw up a whole town and drive them into poverty. Why didn’t he listen to Danzig’s idea and use this as an opportunity to develop the town and turn it into an investment?

Lara’s advice to Axe was the final straw and that’s the push he needed to make his decision to go after the town. Alright, Lara. The right advice, in my opinion, would have been to use the money to help the town and bail it out. Just because her and Axe grew up against the odds, they should have taken this opportunity to help others less fortunate than themselves instead of turning up her nose against them.

Axe driving his luxury car while ordering his men to go after the town was such a showboat-y way to end the episode and even though I hate what Axe was doing, I was still damn impressed.


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