“You know, no one understands you when you say things like klicks”

Episode Title: Ua malo’o ka wai (The Water is Dried Up)
Original Air Date: April 7, 2017
Episode Number: 7×21

Episode Description

McGarrett and Five-0 are captured and face certain death after tracking a dangerous nemesis to the Island of Lanai. Also, Grover takes his son to Chicago where he testifies against a dirty cop from his past.

My Review

I felt like the whole Michelle story should have been bigger than it should have been. Everything just felt way too easy for them to get rescued and then to capture her. I’ll let it slide because this was probably just used to set up Jerry getting his own badge (finally) and be officially part of Five-0. That was very sweet in the end with all five of them congratulating Jerry and welcoming him to the team.

Lou and his son in Chicago was alright and I’m just glad they didn’t come into harm’s way. I was scared that something might happen to Will and that that chaperone cop was evil and that he’ll harm both Grover men. Must be hard for Lou to put his best friend in prison for life, but he did the right thing despite what the rest of the Chicago PD thinks.

Loved the opening with (a shirtless) Steve in the exam room and Danny pretending to examine him. I laughed when Danny looked into Steve’s ear and said “There’s nothing there.” LOL. And I laughed even more when the doctor cleared Steve for doing physical activities and Danny’s incredulous and couldn’t stop laughing.


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