“Tennis cancelled. Coach quit.”

Episode Title: Time to Get Ill
Original Air Date: April 8, 2017
Episode Number: 3×18

Episode Description

When Jessica tries to sleep off a bad flu, Louis and the boys splurge on a pricey pay-per-view wrestling match that she would never allow. As they watch the match in silence, taking every precaution to ensure Jessica’s recovery is not disturbed, they are shocked to learn that she was secretly having some fun of her own.

My Review

HILARIOUS EPISODE. I lost it when everyone saw Jessica right next to Honey at the match. Totally did NOT expect that twist so great job, show. I totally understand why Jessica would pretend to be sick just so she can have an extra day of some alone time. We all need that time to reacquaint ourselves and to stay sane. Glad that everyone seemed to be in agreement that they all need their own space from time to time.

I thought it was sweet how the boys still expected Jessica to watch out for them like they’re so used to: Eddie reading his wrestling magazine and expecting Jessica to reprimand him; Emery bringing his assorted combs to school and frowning when Jessica didn’t say anything to just bring one comb; and then Evan getting confused about his cereal to soy milk ratio.

I howled when Honey saw Jessica in that state while we saw Jessica as all prim and proper because in her mind, she still looks normal when she’s sick with a flu.

Loved all of the Lord of the Rings references by Emery. The Eye of Sauron = Jessica, lol. I laughed when Evan said that they should watch the match “For science.” Haaaa.

“Resiliency. That’s my fragrance.”

“Mom may be out of commission, but diabetes isn’t.”

“She was willing to trick us so bad she was willing to waste electricity.”


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