“I’m not yours to protect”

Episode Title: Uncharted Waters
Original Air Date: April 7, 2017
Episode Number: 4×08

Episode Description

As Mary’s upcoming wedding looms, a terrible tragedy pushes Mary and Darnley apart, forcing Mary to enlist in Catherine’s help. Elizabeth encounters a traitor to Spain, who petitions her to support an expedition to the New World.

My Review

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Ahem. That’s a good reaction, lol. I’m still trying to recover from the last scene of this episode where Catherine and Mary reunite because that left me in a puddle of tears. I’m beyond thrilled that these two queens are reunited and that Mary has someone to confide in and support her while she’s going through this Darnley mess. It’s good that she has James and Greer, but Mary definitely needs someone like Catherine to counsel her and be a mentor and friend all at the same time. I hope Catherine stays in Scotland for several episodes to help Mary get through this.

So this is the beginning of the end of for Mary and Darnley, it seems. I can’t wait to find out how Mary gets out of this marriage or if she will. I’m not familiar with the history and I don’t want to read up on it because I don’t want to be spoiled. It’s too bad that Darnley was actually telling the truth and that he really let Keira go, but since he’s always been a liar, no one believes anything that comes out of his mouth anymore. Can’t really blame Mary for jumping to conclusions.

So Bothwell is the Loyal Watchman. Interesting. He was one of Mary’s mother’s loyal supporters and made a vow to her that he will always watch and protect Mary. I didn’t like how he deceived Mary in taking her out for that boat ride, but at least he was able to help her obtain the deed for Lord Davies’ estate to give to Duchess Lucrezia.

Interesting to find out that Bothwell and James have an antagonistic history so it will be great to see how these two men will act in front of Mary and what they have to say to her behind each other’s backs. Both of them are just looking out for Mary so I hope they both come to some kind of agreement for the betterment of the country.

Sebastian mention! Is he going to show up this season? It would be great even though I’ve never been a fan of him being a mystic or being involved in the supernatural. I have missed seeing his friendship with Mary. No matter what happened between them, I have always enjoyed their friendship.

On to France…Luc is the best. I really hope there’s nothing sinister about him because he seems like the perfect guy. He helped Charles come to the realization that no matter what religion he follows, he will always be pressured either by the pope or by the Protestant leaders to do what they want him to do and to abide by their religion’s laws. It’s too bad Charles just can’t deal with the pressures of being a king so he regresses to how he was before he tried to run away from his duties. Looks like Catherine and Narcisse won’t have a choice now, but to put Henry on the throne for the good of the country. It’ll be quite a sticky situation since you’ll have supporters from both sides for Charles and Henry. Not a good time to be a French royal in these times.

Going back to Luc, I really liked how he went to Charles to ask him for advice and to get to know a little bit more about Claude. That was really sweet and he took the information Charles gave him to prepare a romantic picnic inside for him and Claude. I hope that Claude eventually gets over Leith and gives her marriage to Luc a chance because he deserves to be loved and to be happy.

And in England we have Elizabeth giving Captain Hawkins a royal charter to explore the New World and to claim as many lands in the name of the English Crown. This was pretty freaking awesome. At first I was hesitant when Hawkins was introduced because I thought “Why are they bringing in a romantic interest for Elizabeth?” and then I groaned out loud. And then they turned around instead to have her send him off to the New World and I was pretty impressed with how this story turned out. “I want to be the queen who makes England the greatest power the world has ever known.” Fuck yeah!

This season is really bringing it and I just found out that we’re only halfway through this season. There are a total of 16 episodes so there’s still a lot of stories left to be told.


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