“We don’t have time for this emotional bullshit”

Episode Title: Inseparable
Original Air Date: April 3, 2017
Episode Number: 5×07

Episode Description

Norman and Mother come together as trouble looms large. Romero convalesces with the help of an old friend. Dylan comes home.

My Review

Oh my God. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! Yes, that was pretty much my reaction after the episode ended. This episode tricked us into thinking that nothing was going to happen and that was mostly the case for the majority of it and then we got those last few minutes and boom. Damn, man. This show is SO GOOD. Kudos to Freddie Highmore for writing the episode and for coming up with the story with one of the show’s writers. I remember he wrote one episode last season too and that was one of the best episodes that season. Wow. I’m just in awe of his talent and for the showrunners to put their trust in him that he would capture the essence of the characters and he did so perfectly. I swear I sound like a broken record every week, but if Freddie does not get nominated for any awards come award season, it will be such a complete travesty.

Thank God Dylan didn’t die! I really thought Mother was going to kill Dylan right then and there and when Norman dialed 911 to report a murder, I thought the camera was going to pan to a dead Dylan stabbed to death by Mother. Aaaaaah. I was freaking out so much, lol.

Dylan is such a good brother and I really don’t want him to end up dead when he’s just trying to do what’s best for Norman and getting him the help that he so clearly needs. It broke my heart when Norman was pleading to him to just go and let him live his life and then Dylan sat closer to Norman to plead his own case, that Norman needs help that he loves him and that he just wants Norman to get well. Dylan was so close to persuading him and then Mother had to come out and ruin everything. Dylan’s face when he detected that Norman didn’t seem like himself after he turned around was priceless. Really great work by Max Thieriot.

Norman saving Dylan was great. Deep down he knows that Dylan doesn’t deserve to die and he’s fighting with himself to stop Mother from taking over and killing Dylan. His love for Dylan runs deep which I’m glad about because otherwise, Dylan would have been dead for sure.

The twist with Dr. Edwards being missing for a year and presumed dead leads me to believe that he was probably one of Mother’s victims because he was suppressing Mother from making any appearances and taking over Norman. This is just so wild. Poor Dr. Edwards. I really thought he survived the craziness, but unfortunately not.

Madeleine is now aware that Norman has mental issues so I hope she’s more wary if/when she comes to see Norman again. Dylan is smart to tell Madeleine because otherwise, she might have ended up in the bottom of that well too right next to her dead husband.

So the sheriff department found several bodies in the lake and the sheriff visits Norman to tell him that Jim Blackwell is one of the bodies. No doubt she suspects something’s up with Norman and that he’s lying so I bet good money that her visit to the motel was to gauge Norman’s reaction and possibly caught him in a lie (which she almost did). I have a bad feeling that Mother will end up killing her (please, no).

How crazy was it when Norman was wheeling dead Norma on that wheelchair and brought her out to the woods so that when the cops start investigating the house, they wouldn’t see Norma’s frozen body in the freezer? That was pretty crazy.

I find it sad that Norman knows what he did to Sam was wrong and he even wants to turn himself in to the police in the beginning of the episode and it’s Mother who convinces him that that’s not a good idea that they will throw him in jail or in a psych ward. Mother, you are the worst.


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