“Because we are mortals”

Episode Title: Smoke And Mirrors
Original Air Date: November 4, 2016
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Elizabeth rejects protocol by appointing Philip to coordinate her coronation, but his ideas create conflict. The Duke of Windsor returns to London.

My Review

Am I the only one who’s not a fan of Edward? Good for him for falling in love with his soul mate and putting love above everything else, but why does he keep on bitching and moaning about being shut out by his family? He freaking abdicated the throne and threw all of that responsibility out of the window as if it didn’t mean nothing so of course his family would treat him like the redheaded stepchild. What did he expect? His kind are born into royalty and are expected to follow a certain path and that’s tough and all especially when one wants to do something else or be something else, but you know what? Tough luck. At least they’re born into a good home with lots of money and don’t have to worry about that part of living. If we could all be that lucky.

And I get that Phillip feels like his manhood is being taken away from him, but come on. Women have gone through this for hundreds of years and you don’t see them complaining about it. They just accept it because it’s customary and has been that way for years. And I’m not just talking about royalty, I’m talking about the average folks as well. Women take their husband’s names all the time and are expected to and if they don’t it’s a scandal. Please. Just glad that we have made great inroads into women not losing their jobs when they get married like in the old days where they were expected to take care of the house, the husband, and to rear children.

Anyway, I digress. Aside from those two nitpicks, I liked this episode. I especially loved the opening scene with a young Elizabeth helping her father prepare for his own coronation. That was very touching. I also liked her one scene with Churchill and was shocked as she is when he sat down because of all the things that Phillip has tried to change.

Phillip trying to modernize the coronation and have it publicized on television was one thing I liked. I liked his speech about looking forward and at the same time honoring the past. That was pretty avant garde. Of course the old timers would bristle at his suggestions, but I’m glad to see they came to an agreement.

I also liked Edward’s speech about during the anointing and how the whole ceremony basically makes Elizabeth a goddess. And with this episode, it made me look up exactly what religion the Windsor family practices and they are part of the Church Of England which has Catholic and Reformed backgrounds. I never knew that. See, this show is quite educational, too, along with being enjoyable.


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