“What kind of marriage is this?”

Episode Title: Windsor
Original Air Date: November 4, 2016
Episode Number: 1×03

Episode Description

With Elizabeth in new role, Philip tries to assert some power. Churchill wants to delay the coronation. King George’s disgraced brother arrives.

My Review

I wasn’t as wowed by this episode as I was with the first two episodes because I didn’t care much for Edward, the disgraced brother who abdicated the throne. I did find it interesting how Elizabeth turned around on her position about Phillip’s name and living in Clarence House after her meeting with him. I wonder what made her change her mind. Was it because she looked at him as a surrogate father now that her father is gone and add that to Churchill not approving of the name and her living in Clarence House? Probably, but in her words, it was probably up to her and she didn’t need to be convinced. Like her grandmother said in her letter, the crown must always comes first. Elizabeth was just following that. Phillip can complain all he wants, the queen will do whatever it takes to preserve the crown.

Loved Churchill’s first official meeting with Elizabeth and how it’s tradition not to eat or drink or to even sit down during these meetings. Him saying “To waste time is a grievous sin” is very good advice. If only people at my work would have the same work ethic as Churchill, we would accomplish a lot more and we would be more efficient every day.

I also really liked Elizabeth’s meeting with her uncle when she asked him why he didn’t apologize to her. At first I was a little confused as to why and I thought she was talking about her father passing away and Edward just forgot to apologize to her. But no, she meant that he never apologized when he abdicated the throne and made Elizabeth the heir to the throne, thus having this responsibility thrust upon her. She would no longer be living a normal life and just raise her kids and be a wife. This was really well done.


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