“You’re the guy who shot someone”

Episode Title: Nobody Beats the Biebs
Original Air Date: September 27, 2016
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Justin Bieber, who is depicted as an African-American, makes an appearance in Atlanta at a celebrity basketball game, rubbing Paper Boi the wrong way. Meanwhile, Earn sneaks his way into a high-powered agents meeting after being mistaken for someone else.

My Review

I’m still laughing at this show’s version of Justin Bieber. I’m not a fan, but they pretty much captured his antics and his entitled and spoiled ass perfectly. The things he gets away with just because he’s surrounded by yes men and women and because he’s famous is fucking ridiculous. I bet you if he was a woman, the media would crucify that version for doing the same things.

Good on Al for trying to teach Justin a lesson. Boy needs a good whooping. And fuck that interviewer for kissing up to Justin. People like that are just making it worse.

Earn being mistaken for an agent and using that to his advantage at first was cool. Maybe he’ll be able to parlay this into something? Just watch out for that female agent, though. She didn’t believe at all that he’s not Alonzo.

Meanwhile, Darius goes to the firing range and takes his dog poster for target practice and gets hassled by these self-righteous folks. So it’s offensive if a guy uses a dog poster for target practice instead of a poster of a man? He is so right. Why is it wrong to do that?


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