“Your news is problematic”

Episode Title: B.A.N.
Original Air Date: October 11, 2016
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

A satirical episode, Paper Boi features as a guest on a talk show called Montague, being part of a discussion on the media’s indictment of Black culture and its intersection with trans people. Commercial parodies play throughout the episode during the breaks of the talk show.

My Review

OMG, this episode was surreal and smart and funny and everything else in between. I love that it pretty much made fun of everything and everyone without it being offensive. It amused me when Al and the female guest started agreeing on the topics and Montague was trying to bait Al to say something offensive so him and the female guest would disagree again, but it didn’t work. The last one with Montague saying “You hate women” and Al’s just like “Shit, what?” had me laughing so hard.

Al was pretty fucking awesome at that show and good for him for sticking around to watch the trainwreck that was that trans-racial guy, lmao. So ridiculous. The kicker was that Harrison ended up being transphobic and homophobic and him not caring about the discrimination against those groups. Everyone just assumed he would be okay with them since they go through the same discrimination that he goes through. Too funny. I’m still not over Al laughing his ass off at Harrison.

The commercials were also hilarious. Was that Ahmad White guy the same guy who was on the bus making Earn a Nutella sandwich in the pilot episode??


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