“Why was he in white face?”

Episode Title: Value
Original Air Date: October 4, 2016
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Van meets her WAG friend Jayde for dinner and they clash over their respective lifestyles. Later, they smoke weed and reconcile, but Van forgets she is scheduled for a drug test the next day. She tries to use her daughter’s urine, but spills it and finally admits to her boss that she’s smoked, who understands but has to fire her.

My Review

That was an odd episode which culminated in that kid in white face which was just freaky as hell. Nevertheless I laughed when I saw his creepy white face and his creepy smile.

Poor Van. She told the truth and now she’s going to pay for it along with her daughter and Earn. That was cold how her superior fired her, too. I really thought she was going to get off the hook there. It’s too bad her hanging out with her old friend caused this much trouble.

I was cringing throughout that whole scene where she was trying to “extract” the urine from Lottie’s old diapers. That was just fucking gross, man. Good thing i wasn’t eating anything.

I wanted to smack Van’s friend for rubbing in the fact that she’s more cultured and more experienced and all that shit while Van is stuck in Atlanta with a daughter and with a guy who she’s not exactly in a relationship with. Her lecturing Van that Thai people don’t use chopsticks, omg, shut up. Let Van use chopsticks and stop judging and being a know-it-all. I wanted Van to throw her friend’s phone away when she tried to sneak in a picture of her food, lol.


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