“The food in here is genetically modified to make you lie”

Episode Title: Streets On Lock
Original Air Date: September 6, 2016
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

Issues like police brutality, mental illness, and transphobia are addressed as Earn awaits bail after the boys get arrested for their shooting incident.

My Review

Wow, the show is really hitting the social issues and are on point about it without it being too in your face. Kudos. Earn waiting in jail to be processed was definitely an eye opener. Those cops beating up that guy who kept on coming back every week because he’s not 100% in the mind was really tough to watch. What kind of system releases someone back into society knowing full well they need help and should be in a hospital? The American system, that’s who. So sad.

I’m surprised the show addressed transphobia and homophobia (although I really should not have been surprised) and making it funny and real and timely. I laughed at Earn feeling uncomfortable not at the fact that he was sitting next to both of them, but because that was a conversation that those two should have had in private and Earn wanting to move was because to give them both a bit of privacy. And then the rest of the guys gave that guy a hard time and made fun of him for not realizing that his ex was a man. Damn. Just glad that didn’t devolve into violence.

Al walking up to those kids and that mom and telling them that they shouldn’t be playing with toy guns was hilarious and accurate at the same time. I did love the mom’s reaction when she realized who he was and just wanted to get a selfie with him. Same with the cop when Al was released on bail.

Still loving Darius even though he didn’t do much. He’s pretty great as Al’s social media guru, though. I loved that.

Poor Van, the suffering mother of Earn’s baby. What a complicated relationship she has with him. You could tell that Earn still loves her, but things are just too complicated for both of them to be in a relationship right now. I did like that she bailed him out despite everything else. I smiled when Earn was making light of the situation and pretending to be Lottie. It was cute.


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