“I’m gonna watch people smoke”

Episode Title: The Club
Original Air Date: October 18, 2016
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

An NBA star named Marcus Miles is in the same club as Paper Boi, hogging the drinks, women and limelight, which aggravates Paper Boi. Additionally, their promoter is avoiding paying Earn, who attempts to chase him down throughout the night. Eventually, Paper Boi strong-arms him and takes his money. Later, another shooting happens (outside of the club), which the police link to Paper Boi on the news due to his “armed robbery”.

My Review

I totally missed and forgot about the invisible car until I read the comments on here and now I can’t stop laughing. So that’s why that last scene looked weird as hell! I thought it was a motorcycle speeding away and that it was speeding so far I missed it, lol. Darius is not crazy! Marcus Miles’ invisible car is the real thing. Darius was smart. Just leaving the club and heading home to play video games and eat his cereal. I bet he had a much better time than everyone else at that club.

I share Earn’s hate about clubs, about people in the clubs, and how all of that is pointless. I feel you, Earn. It cracked me up when he was trying to track down Chris and Chris would just disappear into thin air – literally. It’s good that Al got them their money, but at what cost? Now he’s wanted again for armed robbery. Will he get out this time?

Kinda messed up what that Janice girl did to Al, talking to him and getting his hopes up just so she can get drinks for free. I’m not judging, but she should have told Al straight up that she had a boyfriend. Of course, she probably wouldn’t have gotten the free drinks, but at least no one is leading anyone on. Another reason why the social club scene is so fake and full of fakers. Darius said it best “This is meaningless.”


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