“I got you”

Episode Title: Quinces
Original Air Date: January 6, 2017
Episode Number: 1×13

Episode Description

Everyone pitches in to prepare for Elena’s quinceañera. While rehearsing their father-daughter dance, Elena reveals a truth about herself to her dad.

My Review

No, that is not okay! I’m a complete mess right now thanks to that last scene. How dare you be this awesome, show? HOW DARE YOU?!

Penelope standing up to dance with Elena made me bawl like a baby. “I got you.” Fuck me. And then Alex joined them and then Lydia and then Schneider and then Dr. Berkowitz. I wanted to join them on that dance floor and be part of the Alvarez family. Screw Victor and his judgmental ways. This family doesn’t need him and has been doing fine without him.

Lydia (with Dr. Berkowitz’s help) making that suit for Elena was perfect. I teared up when Elena saw it first and I was so happy that Lydia finally got the reaction that she was hoping for. That was a great party and everyone had a hand in making it a successful one. What a team.

Loved that Carmen showed up! Schneider flying her in was pretty awesome of him. I laughed when she said that she learned the dance while Skyping with Lydia and that “She was so mean it made me cry. I loved it.” Oh, Carmen, never change, girl.

Alex even came to the rescue with him organizing everything and letting his mom sleep. “Immigrants. We get the job done.” Damn right, son. Awesome Hamilton reference for the win!

Definitely one of the best shows of 2017 and I’m thrilled that it got renewed. I look forward to the next season and I hope that we get more of the awesomeness of these characters and the show addressing real issues without being too preachy about it.

I’m ending this review with a few lines that I found hilarious:

“I take little power naps when I pee.”

“Of course you’re not comfortable. It’s called being a woman. I am in agony all the time, but I look amazing.”

“The Fajardos are OG Cubans. They run on Caribbean time. Cristina was pregnant with Baby Juanity for 11 months and she still thinks he was premature.”

“The Rosa Parks table should not be in the back!”

“Did I die? Is this heaven?”
“Open up, it’s Schneider.”
“Oh God, it’s hell.”


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