“Can I measure your tree?”

Episode Title: The Big Bang
Original Air Date: September 6, 2016
Episode Number: 1×01

Episode Description

The series opens with a confrontation between local rapper Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles and a man who breaks off the side view mirror of Alfred’s parked car. Alfred’s cousin Earn tries to mediate the situation while stoned sidekick Darius has a sensation of déjà vu. Working a deadend job and trying to co-parent with Vanessa “Van”, Earn approaches Alfred about managing the rapper since he has connections. Though Alfred sees Earn as a leech, Earn finds a way to get his song played on the radio. But just as they listen to the song on Alfred’s car radio, a man walking by suddenly snaps off the side view mirror, resulting in the incident at the opening (hence the déjà vu) which ultimately culminates with a gunshot.

My Review

Good start to the show. Can’t wait to see how Earn and Al get out of this mess. And it all started over a stupid disagreement/misunderstanding.

Earn is a very sympathetic character. He’s down and out and no one seems to be in his corner. I did like what his dad say about him to Al that if Earn wants something, he goes ahead and does it no matter who’s in his way. It’s too bad that he and Al got arrested, but maybe this will bolster the song’s popularity more? Guess we’ll see.

Darius is hilarious (ha, that rhymed) and I laughed at all of his lines especially when he asked Earn’s dad if he can measure the tree and the dad’s like “no, not today.”

That white DJ not telling the full story just as he told it to Earn was an uncomfortable scene and I think that’s exactly how the show wanted its viewers to feel. Now the DJ’s bravado disappears now that he’s surrounded by three other black men. What a pretentious prick.


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