“There’s a Walking Dead on your fire escape”

Episode Title: Strays
Original Air Date: January 6, 2017
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Lydia grows suspicious of Elena and Carmen’s intense relationship. Penelope later discovers that the inseparable friends are keeping a big secret.

My Review

Wow, this was such a relevant episode especially during this uncertain times. Kudos to the show for addressing the immigration issue in this country and how people are affected by it. Someone show this episode to all those politicians who want to deport the undocumented who have worked twice as hard as the ones sitting in office and have earned their money honestly unlike the 2% of the people in this country who are considered affluent. It gets me so mad that humans are allowing families to be torn apart just because they came to this country illegally. Give them a chance and help them become documented. Truly inhumane to go about this situation this way.

Elena and Carmen’s friendship was so sweet. Elena was only trying to be a great friend to Carmen and she really should have told Penelope sooner rather than later. So great to see the Alvarez family (and Schneider) help Carmen out. I’m going to miss the interactions between Carmen and Penelope. So sweet that Penelope gave Carmen her duffel bag and her combat boots.

I’m glad the birthday party wasn’t a disaster. Penelope is the best. I wish someone was that thoughtful when it comes to celebrating my birthday. Lydia serenading Dr. Berkowitz had me laughing so hard. “Happy birthday to ju” LOL.

I also laughed at their first meeting:

“Happy birthday, Dr. Berkowitz.”
“Oh please, call me Leslie.”
“Why would I do that? That’s a woman’s name.”
“That’s also my name.”
“Uh, that’s too bad.”

Also laughed during these lines:

“I take power naps, too. It’s called blinking.”

“You’re not as funny as your mom.”

“I feel like I’m watching the end of Titanic.”

“Just because I wrote it doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.”

And this last one just hit home so hard: “They didn’t send them home. They got sent away.”


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