“It’s a cassingle”

Episode Title: The Death of Mrs. Resnick
Original Air Date: January 6, 2017
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

When Penelope’s faithful car finally breaks down for good and she’s forced to trade it in, she meets a kindred spirit in the unlikeliest of places.

My Review

I think this was my favorite episode yet. The last car scene when Un-Break My Heart started playing had me DYING from laughter. Too hilarious. Penelope’s enthusiasm complete with hand gestures was too much, lmao. Lydia singing along and making up her own words was also hilarious. I’m laughing just thinking about the scene again.

Loved everything about Penelope’s scenes with the fellow vet Riley. I cried a little when Penelope was telling the story about the good times her and Victor shared in the car and how all that happiness disappeared when Victor became a different person after getting back from being deployed. Truly broke my heart what Penelope had to do in order to get away from him and save herself and her kids in the process. Justina Machado, you are a gift.

Abuelita and Elena’s story was also a lot of fun. Alex saying “Oh my God, Abuelita’s greener than you” was priceless. I knew Elena was faking taking public transport and I love that Lydia called her out on it. Elena’s story about her socks being stolen was just bizarre. Why would they take the socks and leave the shoes? LOL.

Schneider’s whole sexy bit thing was pretty funny, but I found Penelope’s reaction to this funnier: “I’m trying to buy a car not impress a white girl with dreadlocks who likes flat asses.”

And some random lines:

“Saving the world takes time.”

“Zero carbon footprint.”
“Zero interesting words.”


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