“I came out of the womb wearing stilettos”

Episode Title: One Lie At A Time
Original Air Date: January 6, 2017
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

Penelope tells her family she has a date and Lydia says she’s going to church, but each secretly goes elsewhere. Meanwhile, Elena tests an attraction.

My Review

OMG, I think this was my favorite episode yet. This is probably going to keep changing as I continue to binge watch this show, lol.

So many great and hilarious moments in this episode. Let me count the ways.

1) Riley coming in to the apartment just as everyone was asking Penelope how her date went and then seeing everyone’s reactions had me LAUGHING so hard. Funniest moment of the show so far, without a doubt. Riley trying to cover up the therapy slip up was also too funny. “Therapy’s the name of a hot new club. Fixed it.” LOVED IT.

2) Lydia and Dr. Berkowitz going on their platonic companions’ outing and their scene in the exam room was very funny. I lost it when Lydia said that “allergies are not a real thing” and when she started miming being trapped in a box. SO GOOD.

3) Penelope letting it all out in therapy and feeling better for it. I loved Ramona and her enthusiasm and Penelope telling her that she’s the best hype woman and that she’s taking Ramona everywhere with her. This is a great outlet for Penelope and I felt so happy for her that she’s surrounded and are being supported by all these great women who can relate to her.

4) Alex and Elena talking about broccoli and cauliflower was very good. Alex being confused at first and then getting it later was a well-done scene. I really like how the show is handling Elena’s sexuality and her confusion about liking boys or girls.

5) This exchange: “I am the mom, I’m allowed to lie.” “And I’m the mom’s mom. I’m allowed to lie even more.” I laughed my ass off.

There were too many hilarious moments and lines. The whole episode was perfect.


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