“You do know that I’m in a gang, right?”

Episode Title: The Ballad of Lady Frances
Original Air Date: March 19, 2017
Episode Number: 5×17

Episode Description

The police call in Holmes and Watson to consult on a homicide “heard” by a cutting edge gunshot detection system. Sherlock and Joan become suspicious of Shinwell when he’s the target of a drive-by shooting that reveals a connection between him and an unsolved murder.

My Review

The case got convoluted and twistier as the episode went on and on top of that we had the case of Shinwell’s shooter. My head was spinning a bit while watching this episode.

Did anyone else cringed when the councilman used Lady Frances to kill Cosmo? Using a $5 million guitar to kill your accomplice? Not cool, bro. More proof that politicians are crooked people and cannot be trusted. I know there are exceptions, but the majority of them are liars and corrupt.

Nice to see a Sons of Anarchy alum on the show (he was the one who played the guitar enthusiast and had scenes with Joan). Joan’s reaction when she was holding that $600K guitar was priceless, lol.

So Shinwell killed his friend 12 years ago and Sherlock knows about it. What is Sherlock going to do with this information?

We had another scene of Sherlock waking up Joan and this time using recorded gunshots to stir her from slumber. That might be the most disturbing way yet that he’s woken her up.


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