“What’s next a microchip implant?”

Episode Title: Indian Four
Original Air Date: March 26, 2017
Episode Number: 2×06

Episode Description

Axe negotiates with a timid seller. Chuck’s deal with a defendant fails.

My Review

That was one hell of a jam-packed episode. I wasn’t entirely clear on what was going on with the Boyd part of the storyline, but I think I got the gist of it. Was Chuck only pretending to not accept Boyd’s deal so that the AG would offer to take Dake off the case and letting Chuck remain in his job while taking down Boyd? That’s what happened, right? If so, damn, Chuck. That was smart as hell. No wonder Bryan was confused when Chuck didn’t agree to the settlement the second time around.

Lonny was so close to confessing everything to Dake and was only saved at the nick of them when the AG called Dake to stop his investigation. I don’t think Dake is going to back off this easily, though. He’s like a hound and I have a feeling this character will come back in the future to cause more problems for Chuck. Kudos to the actor for nailing the Dake character and making him into a hateful character and making him so…slimy/smarmy (not the words I would use, but I can’t come up with a perfect word to describe him) and it’s funny because he’s only doing his job, but we hate him because he’s going after the “heroes” of the justice system.

I really liked Chuck’s talk with Bryan and why he hired him in the first place. Chuck said it’s because of his fury and that Bryan should use that fury for himself and not let the fury use him. Why was Orrin (Axe’s lawyer) calling Bryan, though? Is Bryan still somewhat involved with Axe? Someone explain this scene.

Wendy telling Axe to drop the lawsuits against Chuck was pretty great, but then this scene turned around because we find out that this was Axe’s plan all along. He wanted Wendy to cave and ask to come back to work for him because he knows that she doesn’t want to see Chuck be ruined emotionally, financially, and professionally. That son of a bitch Axe. Always ten steps ahead.

Of course this is the dealbreaker for Chuck: Wendy going back to work for Axe. It was nice seeing the Rhoades family share dinner together, but I guess this temporary separation will probably turn into a permanent one and then they’ll get divorced.

Interesting to see how both spouses of Axe and Wendy reacted to this news the same way, but the results are vastly different. Lara and Axe are okay again after a few days of tension and fighting while Chuck and Wendy are probably over.

Axe losing Sandicto thanks to Chuck’s father…hoo boy. Axe looks like he was ready to murder someone in the end there with that look on his face. First the football team and now the casino. What other business venture is he going to lose next thanks to Chuck Sr. and Jr.?

My favorite part? Bryan and Kate’s fist bump during the jury deliberations. It was adorable.

Such a great show with so many moving parts. Keep up the great season, show!


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