“I’m going to spoon you”

Episode Title: This Is It
Original Air Date: January 6, 2017
Episode Number: 1×01

Episode Description

Penelope tries to convince her feminist daughter Elena to have a traditional quinceañera to celebrate her 15th birthday and to honor her Cuban roots.

My Review

I have been meaning to binge watch this for a few weeks now and I’m so glad I finally have the time. Really funny pilot and that ending brought tears to my eyes – not Lydia spooning Penelope, but Elena now wanting to have a quinces because now she has a perfectly good reason to have one: that Penelope is doing a fantastic job raising her kids as a single mother. That literally brought tears to my eyes.

Penelope admitting to Lydia that she wishes that her husband is still with her kinda broke my heart a little. I loved that Lydia listened and hugged Penelope and spooned her in bed. Aww.

I like all of the characters so far and my favorite is Penelope. The actress is perfect in the role and she was charming and made me instantly like Penelope. I also love that she’s a true badass not only because she can assemble a rifle in 13 seconds, but because she seems like a great mom and a great role model for her kids.

The whole scene with Penelope debating Elena and impersonating each other was so great especially when Penelope turned the tables on Elena and won that debate.

Loved these lines:

“She’s reading again, why do you let her read?”

“Your abuelo didn’t marry me for my mind.”
“Who do you think you’re insulting?”

“Jesus and Santa were cousins. Everybody knows this.”

“I will dress like a child bride for you, mom.”


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