“How do you wake up so pretty?”

Episode Title: Weird Janis and the White Trash Baby Vessel
Original Air Date: March 28, 2017
Episode Number: 2×09

Episode Description

With the happy throuple reunited, how can they explain Izzy’s presence to Emma’s old school parents? Nina gets disturbing news about Andy’s romantic past. And the Amaris quest for cool leads them into a bizarre social situation.

My Review

Mmh, I think I see where the show is going with this throuple. This whole surrogacy thing is going to become a reality because Emma can’t get pregnant so just like their doctor said, surrogacy is an option. And what better way for a throuple to have a baby than for Emma’s egg and Jack’s sperm inserted into Izzy so she can carry the baby. Their baby, all three of them would have a hand in making this baby. How perfect is that? Granted, I don’t want to see a baby get added to the mix so I hope they delay this for as long as possible.

I really feel bad for Izzy for always getting the short end of the stick in this relationship because she was told to disappear for a few days when Emma’s parents come to visit. That has got to hurt. My heart goes out to her and it made me sad when she said that it seemed like she’s the only one who works this hard to make the relationship work. She’s right, though. She was the one who held the throuple flame and kept it going when Emma and Jack were not talking to each other.

It kinda broke my heart when she was talking to Nina why she was bummed when she found out she wasn’t pregnant. It’s because that baby would have belonged to all three of them because it would have been conceived when they were all together. She feels it would be different if Emma got pregnant now because Emma and Jack have been planning on this before she came into their lives.

So Andy is a serial monogamist? I hope that info from the girl is not true and no longer applies because I really like Andy and Nina together.

I kinda wanted Izzy and Ava to go at it because I truly believe Izzy would have beat Ava’s ass even though she’s smaller. So funny how Lori went to the Trakarskys house acting all smug and for her case to devolve slowly as it’s revealed that this wasn’t the first time she’s caught Ava doing drugs and she herself smoked weed with Emma only two days ago.

Izzy calling Ava “You little shit” was perfect and cracked me up. It was all on Priscilla’s delivery.

Dave and Carmen hanging out with Janis and her lover was so bizarre. I laughed when we saw them being held by the other two while naked in the hot tub, hahahaha. I don’t think they’d make a return visit to Janis’ place any time soon or ever.

Izzy’s reaction when Nina said their couple’s name was so cute. “Izni? We have a couple’s name? That’s so dumb. I love it.”

Also loved these lines:

“Okay, so I’m your white trash baby vessel. Loving it. So when you’re done with my womb, do I just move back into my trailer or…?”

“Do you remember when you briefly had crediblity? Do you miss it? Does it keep in touch?”


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