“Am I the only one keeping an eye out for the Ark of the Covenant?”

Episode Title: Dead Man’s Tale
Original Air Date: March 26, 2017
Episode Number: 5×18

Episode Description

Sherlock and Joan question how well they know Shinwell when they investigate the possibility he may have gotten away with the unsolved murder of his friend, a fellow gang member. Sherlock and Joan’s latest case puts them on the hunt for a treasure map rumored to lead to a fortune in pirate’s gold hidden around New York City.

My Review

Wow, Shinwell beating up Sherlock was quite a shock. I did not expect this Shinwell story to turn out this way. So let me get this straight. He was ordered by SBK to kill his best friend because they were working with a rival gang and one of the conditions was to kill his friend because he was dating one of the other gang’s lieutenant’s sister (or was it girlfriend?)? Okay. But now Shinwell wants to take down SBK for forcing him to kill his friend. Hmm.

That’s all well and good, but I think I’m on Sherlock’s side here. Shinwell needs to turn himself in and maybe he’ll even get less prison time since he’s been working as a CI. I get that he wants to get revenge, but will his stubbornness and thirst for revenge lead to his death? He needs to listen to Sherlock.

I liked Joan and Sherlock’s conversation about Shinwell and how they both disagreed about how to address this. I understand Sherlock’s concern that he let Shinwell free and if someone else dies or if Shinwell commits a crime, it’ll be on him. I really hope Joan knocks some sense into Shinwell and he turns himself in. After everything that they’ve done for him, it’s the least he could do.

As for the case of the week, it was okay. Knew that guy was the culprit because he was a bad guy on General Hospital and I will always see him as a bad guy, lol. I thought it was cool that the online “dealer” was a 14-year old girl. Guess no one saw that coming.


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