“Don’t go to war with your own national security establishment”

Episode Title: The Flag House
Original Air Date: March 26, 2017
Episode Number: 6×10

Episode Description

Dar plays his hand. Quinn revisits his past.

My Review

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it (it was pretty awesome just like the other episodes of this brilliant season), so I will list my favorite things about this episode.

1) Saul’s smile when he saw Carrie’s “wall of crazy”

2) Quinn finally tracking down Dar’s henchman and contacting Carrie so now they’re reunited

3) Max getting video footage of Dar and that TV host in the compound at the risk of putting his life in danger (please, I hope he doesn’t get killed and I’m sure he’s smart enough to wipe any traces of that video from his phone)

4) Max sending the video to Carrie before his phone got confiscated and Saul watching the video

5) Keane and Dar facing each other and pretty much laying everything out on the table. Fantastic scene between Elizabeth and F. Murray. “I am the next president of the United States. 60 million people voted for me. Who the hell voted for you?” Fuck yeah!

6) Elizabeth Marvel was a marvel (pardon the pun) especially in the last scene with her watching the video of her son over and over and how this was the last few seconds of his life. Truly heartbreaking.

7) “This moment here right now is the moment where I decided to put your ass in jail.” – Keane to Dar

8) I hope Mira doesn’t end up killed somehow or get caught in the crossfire after Saul contacted and saw her. Makes me wonder why the writers added this in. Saul could have easily sent word to her through the proper channels instead of seeing her in person. I guess it’s the least he could do for his wife (they are still married, right?).

9) Carrie finally able to see Franny. I’m happy for Carrie.

This season has been on fire and I’m so happy the show got its mojo back. Keep up the great work!


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