“Why are you hugging me?”

Episode Title: Stoner Sensei’s Secrets of Love
Original Air Date: March 14, 2017
Episode Number: 2×05

Episode Description

Jack’s still caved out at big bro’s house, Izzy’s trying to coax the married couple back together, and after things go bad at work, Emma’s not at all sure about what she really-really wants.

My Review

I really hope that that cliffhanger is not that Izzy is pregnant because I think this will screw everything up and will put a serious dent on the marriage and will most likely break the throuple. It’s too early to have a baby be introduced into this dynamic. Maybe down the line, but not now. They have still so much figuring out to do in regards to their relationship.

Izzy trying to get Jack to go home with her was sweet. I was actually expecting her to tell Jack while they were cuddling in the couch that her feelings for Emma are stronger than her feelings for him so I was a bit surprised that she genuinely does love him and is in love with him (and with Emma).

No doubt Izzy is the most interesting character on the show because here is a character that we rarely see: someone who falls in love (at first sight, if you will) with a man and a woman who just happen to be married to each other. I would love to delve more into Izzy’s psyche and her feelings as to how this came to be. I mean we saw it happen in season one, but I feel like I want more insight into her.

I did like her scene with Emma and Emma asking her if she is on the pill and Izzy’s face said it all. She was hurt by this accusation and I feel like this is something that they should all talk about before they progress in their relationship. Priscilla is just so great when it comes to emotional scenes. I really felt Izzy’s hurt and pain when Emma made that implication. Also, Priscilla has the best puppy dog eyes/face in the history of ever. Who can say no to that face???

I’m not annoyed with Jack yet because he does have a point about Emma not reaching out to him personally instead of relying on Izzy to have them reconcile. They are both acting like immature kids, though, and Izzy is the one who is trying to be the responsible one. And Jack better be sincere when he said that he only wants to take Ruby out as a friend and nothing more.

The Izzy/Ava scene was hilarious because we got that golden moment of Ava doing something that Lori wouldn’t do (hug someone) and then we see Lori hug Emma in the next scene and Ava had this horrified look on her face, lol. Even Carmen cut her sexual shenanigans with Dave to see why Lori and Emma are getting high on Emma’s porch, hee.

Poor Emma getting blackballed by her boss and not getting anywhere in trying to move on from her job. Emma’s boss is probably one of those women who doesn’t like to see other women succeed, thus she’s been trying to deny/delay Emma’s promotion for as long as possible. Instead of tearing each other down, why wouldn’t she want to build other women in her company? The men already do that, why help them out?

I wanted to give Izzy a hug after she told Nina “I know this is good and I’m happy and relieved, or I am more profoundly fucked in the head than I thought.”

And this exchange cracked me up:

Izzy: There’s seriously something wrong with me.
Nina: I know.

I love that Izzy is self-aware of her whole situation.


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