“This room is a giant vagina”

Episode Title: What the Fuck is Wrong With You Trakarskys?
Original Air Date: March 21, 2017
Episode Number: 2×06

Episode Description

Good news, Izzy’s not pregnant, so why’s she housecleaning away her feelings again? Jack inches closer to the point of no return with Ruby. All the while, the clock’s ticking on the daunting arrival of Emma’s hyper-conservative parents.

My Review

I think this was my favorite episode of season two so far. Izzy continues to be the most interesting and the most sympathetic character on the show and I just find the character and her feelings so compelling and I want to know more about her and her psyche. When she told Emma that she’s “afraid that you’re both gonna leave me alone with lots of spare time to hate myself”, my heart definitely broke a little. If Emma and Jack were to break up, I would feel sad for them, but my heart would go out to Izzy because she would be the one who would suffer the most, I think. Again, I’ll reiterate that I would like for the show to explore this more.

LOVED Carmen and Dave in this episode especially Dave going up and down the stairs. Both of them are perfect for each other and I just enjoy their dynamic so much.

Dave: WTF is wrong with you Trakarskys?
Carmen Let me put it more delicately. WTF is wrong with you Trakarskys?

Hahahahaha. Dave saying “But your situation is so compelling and fucked up that I physically couldn’t stay away” also cracked my shit up. He’s a good friend to both Trakarskys though, because he went to Gabe’s house to ask Jack to come home just so Emma’s parents will think that everything is fine because Emma and Jack don’t need that additional drama in their lives right now.

Izzy and Nina scenes are some of my favorite scenes on the show so I enjoyed the two of them cuddling on the couch and having a heart to heart. Nina gives the best advice too and always says the truest things. “Deep down inside, we are all weird and desperate.” Yes, yes, we are. It cracks me up that whenever Izzy is having a meltdown or having a crisis, she goes on a cleaning spree. It’s quite endearing.

Oh boy, Emma’s life seems to be unraveling now. She’s questioning her whole life, her sexuality, her marriage, her career, her wanting to reproduce. The only thing she didn’t say that she’s questioning is her relationship with Izzy. I think she clearly knows what she wants from this relationship so Izzy has nothing to worry about in this regard. How cute was it when Emma gave Izzy the CCK drink and Izzy just poured it down the sink, but then Emma poured some from her glass and shared it with Izzy again. Too cute. Also loved Emma saying Izzy is a terrible liar and Izzy saying “I get that a lot.” Ah, my shipper heart.

I think that cliffhanger is a fakeout and Jack was explaining to Ruby that he won’t be able to have dinner with her because he needs to go home to Emma and Izzy. At least I hope so. If that’s the case, I hope this is the beginning of them mending their relationship. Seeing Emma’s parents next week should be a hoot. I wonder if they’ll be able to keep Izzy a secret for long.


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