“Now go back to your stupid sheep”

Episode Title: Gimme Shelter
Original Air Date: March 22, 2017
Episode Number: 4×07

Episode Description

Clarke’s arrival on the island quickly takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Bellamy tries to avoid further tragedy in Arkadia.

My Review

This was a bit of a boring episode, I thought. The only thing that I found interesting was the Murphy, Emori, and Clarke scenes. Emori did that, holy shit! Girl has got some mad survival skills and Murphy praising her at the end was great because those two are perfect for each other. They will outlast everyone. It was cute when Clarke teased him about him knowing how to cook and read. “I know what you’re thinking, Clarke. Why are all the good ones taken, right?” Heh. Also, ALIE’s place looked so damn impressive and I want to live in it.

Abby and Clarke scenes are always great and I smiled when they smiled upon seeing each other. So sweet. “I just needed to see my mom.” And also “You’re almost as stubborn as her” – Abby talking about Raven to Clarke. Love that Clarke was there for Abby when she injected that guy because Clarke knows these kinds of decisions are difficult since she has been there before.

The Bellamy/Kane scenes would have had more impact if Mark and Peter weren’t just nameless and faceless characters. I didn’t care if they died and Bellamy feeling sad about not being able to save them just felt hollow to me.

So fucking predictable: Ilian and Octavia already fucking each other while Lincoln is not even cold on the ground yet. Jeez. I have never been a Lincoln/Octavia shipper, but this Ilian/Octavia pairing is pissing me off. It’s predictable and boring and just UGH. Why can’t Octavia be single and have her go to Indra and live with her and train and learn from her? Fuck this love bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that crap in these times. Marie deserves better. And how laughable the two of them taking their clothes off and wrestling each other and then that led to them fucking. Groan-worthy and eyeroll-worthy.

Luna and Raven were definitely missed this episode.


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