“Whoever decided that we should only have two arms is an asshole”

Episode Title: Dreams Die First
Original Air Date: March 20, 2017
Episode Number: 5×05

Episode Description

Norman tries to piece together Mother’s movements; in Seattle, Dylan and Emma confront an ugly truth; Sam’s girlfriend, Marion, makes an impulsive decision with far-reaching consequences.

My Review

A slow and quiet episode, but still very good! It helped move the stories along and we finally got to see Rihanna as the famous Marion Crane. I like Rihanna fine and haven’t been exposed to her acting until this episode and I think she did fine. She was very good in her scenes with Sam. She could have done a lot better in the scene where she was asking her boss for a promotion and a raise. It started out okay and then got worse (sorry to say this) towards the end. I’ll give her slack, though, because acting is not her primary job. If Rihanna fans watched this episode for Rihanna, I say the more the merrier. If they become fans of the show and start watching from the beginning, even better.

Emma finally knows, oh my God. I was holding my breath the entire time she was on her laptop. Now I can’t wait until she tells Dylan and both of them go back to White Pine Bay to find out the fully story. I’m glad that Dylan finally told Emma about his suspicions of what happened to her mother and I get why Emma is mad at him for keeping it from her, but I’m with Dylan on this. He had no proof and why would he even mention such an absurd theory to Emma. At least it’s out in the open now and with the new information that Norma’s death was ruled a suicide, it lends more credence to Dylan’s theory that Norman could have very well murdered Emma’s mom.

So Madeleine now knows that Sam has been cheating on her. Let’s see how that conversation unfolds in the next episode. And Sam is the worst. He’s also lying to Marion by not telling him that he’s actually married. Wow. Both Marion and Madeleine so much better than this two-timing slut.

Norman connecting the dots from last night’s festivities was rough. He had a sexual encounter with that guy while he was dressed as Mother and while the other guy enjoyed it, Norman is freaking out and is in total disbelief. He now remembers that he turns into Mother when he blacks out (hi, Dr. Edwards!) and everyone at the bar knows him as Norma. It was pretty cool to have everyone at the bar be accepting of Norman as Norma, though, and they didn’t shun him.

No Vera in this episode and I’m somewhat disappointed. I hope Vera got paid anyway, lol.

Loved the Carlton Cuse cameo! It was cute and somewhat reminded me of Stan Lee’s cameos in all of the Marvel movies.


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