“We’re a throuple”

Episode Title: Like Riding a Vagina Bike
Original Air Date: February 21, 2017
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

The throuple “come out” at a neighborhood party, spinning the gathering out of control and cracking open a fresh can of troubles. Carmen and Dave try to make amends for their previous prudishness by inviting Jack, Emma and Izzy on an unusual double date.

My Review

Well, that happened. Izzy, Jack, and Emma are out to everyone they know and we’re going to find out how this is going to affect their lives. Emma ends up probably losing the promotion not because of the relationship, but because of her threatening to break Ava’s legs. Jack is feeling insecure about where he stands within the relationship and it doesn’t help that Dave and his brother are feeding his doubts. Izzy seems to be in a good place now and it’s great to see her smiling and enjoying herself.

How great was that competition between Jack and Izzy during the “kiss me” game? We all know Izzy won that; Emma was just trying not to hurt Jack’s feelings. This was a cute game, though, and I love how Izzy just took to it like white on rice.

I will never get tired of watching Emma and Izzy kiss. Rachel and Priscilla have terrific chemistry together. Also, how hot were they dancing on that dance floor? I was getting all flustered just watching them dance and making out.

Jack feeling jealous…umm, they did ask him to join them, but he didn’t so who’s at fault here? Dave and Carmen telling him to talk to Emma and Izzy about his feelings is good advice, though. The last thing anyone in that relationship needs is for the married couple to break up. This is just a minor hiccup that I’m sure all three can overcome.

Nina and Izzy continue to have a great friendship. Now they’re back to being besties in this episode. Nina possibly genuinely falling for Andy made me go aww. She even stopped working as an escort and got herself a real job for Andy. She better not be just the rebound girl because I like her and Andy together.

I was so thrown by the show recasting Jack’s brother and was so confused when he had his first scene with Jack.

Carmen taking them to that club was priceless. Her freaking out to having “stranger sweat in my fucking eye” had me laughing. That would totally be me in a club. Seriously, how can anyone enjoy that scene? Not for me, thank you very much.


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