“Do not imagine killing me in my sleep”

Episode Title: Remember, Ruby, Remember
Original Air Date: February 28, 2017
Episode Number: 2×03

Episode Description

Jack confronts Emma about inviting Izzy to move in without discussing it with him first. Leaving her to wallow in that epiphany, he goes on his interview at Griffin College and finds himself on “the road not taken.”

My Review

Okay, I’m not over that last shot of Izzy going up the stairs in her underwear and heels. Hot damn. Show, please try to avoid killing me.

In other news, I loved this episode for having all three finally getting their issues out on the table. Jack feels like the third wheel, Jack feels that Emma inviting Izzy to live with them was a decision that they should have made together, Jack hiding the fact that he got interviewed by his ex (aka the one who apparently got away). Hmm, so Jack is the one having all these issues. Interesting. Was it Emma who said to him “Fuck you and your fragile male ego” because it truly applies here. “Because men” indeed.

Loved Nina’s response to Andy when he said “because women.” Get it, girl. Also loved it when Izzy said to Jack “Are you the official Minister of Sexual Orientation?” Heh.

So Jack will probably end up working at Griffin College and I wonder if this thing with Ruby is going to be a thing. Doesn’t Izzy also go to college there along with Nina? He can’t possibly be thinking of rekindling something with Ruby, right?

The last scene with the shrink was pretty funny when she started laughing and said that if “fucking it out” works then she would be out of a job. Izzy’s reaction was priceless.

To end this on a shallow note, how hot did Izzy look wearing that unbuttoned blouse during the morning after scene? Thank you, show.


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