“Apparently therapy makes me salty”

Episode Title: Cat In The Box
Original Air Date: March 7, 2017
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

It’s “Dudes and Chicks Night in Hawthorne Heights. While the women introduce Molly to their wine hang, bar-hoppers Dave, Gabe, and Jack run into Jack’s “one who got away.”

My Review

Ruh-roh. Trouble in paradise it seems. Why is Jack making this so hard? Just because Emma and Izzy are in the bathtub together doesn’t mean anything and it certainly doesn’t mean he couldn’t have joined them. I think he was waiting for an excuse to be with Ruby and when he found one, he took it and left to look for Ruby. This is not good for Emma and Jack and for Izzy, too. I know Jack is not popular here, but I actually do want all three of them to make this work, no matter how crazy it gets. Jack just needs to stop thinking he’s the third wheel in this relationship and stop feeling so insecure. What else can Emma and Izzy do to convince him of this?

Anyway, I actually liked Ruby and Jack together and thought that they were cute. I still don’t want Jack to cheat on them, though. That’s just not cool. He’s going to break two hearts if he does.

Ladies’ night (with a special appearance by Andy) was interesting. Loved everyone fucking with Lori regarding Molly. Too funny.

How adorable are Nina and Andy together?? I loved the opening scene with Nina making breakfast complete with a drawing and a note that says “falling for you.” Honestly, it was too cute. Andy admitting that he’s falling for Nina was so sweet. I want them to work out.

Favorite moment of the episode (it was a very short scene) was Izzy’s reaction to Carmen telling Lori that Ava came out of a box already an asshole. I thought Izzy’s smile was absolutely adorable.


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