“You guys have to swear to me and the universe that you’re never going to dance again”

Episode Title: The T Word
Original Air Date: April 26, 2016
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Izzy, Emma, and Jack finally take the polyamorous plunge together but things go wildly awry: Everything that could go wrong meets up to conspire against them… in their front yard. However,the real peril may be right there in the room with them.

My Review

I am STILL laughing after this episode. The neighborhood scene was so hilarious especially when Jack, Emma, and Izzy started waving at everyone and seeing everyone’s reactions to this. Ava can’t help but laugh, Dave and Carmen are amused, Lori is horrified, Andy is confused. TOO FUNNY. All three of them lying and continuing on the charade of Izzy being Jack’s niece was a great scene and probably didn’t fool anyone, but it worked for now.

Loved it when Emma threatened to tell the Alumni Board chairperson – who just happens to be Emma’s friend – about Lori’s antics. Get it, girl. Lori needs to fucking mind her own damn business. I laughed at Carmen and Dave’s reactions when Lori asked if they would do the same thing if they saw someone lurking around her house. Dave’s reactions were definitely one of my favorite things about this episode.

Carmen (and Dave) standing up for Emma and Jack was so great to see. “You just jump straight to kinky just because Jack, his wife, and his niece are in the bedroom together with moody lighting and sexy music. That’s crazy talk, Lori, and out of line.” I’m still laughing over this line.

The show is doing a good job with making Andy sympathetic. I actually felt sorry for him and wanted to give him a hug when he showed up at Nina and Izzy’s apartment to talk to Nina. Now I wonder if those two will hook up. He probably is better off with Nina. Nina seems like a cool chick, but I have a feeling she’s not looking for a commitment right now.

The precursor to the threesome made me shake my head and made me laugh. Of course they would look up some tips online before they delve into this. Good thing Emma stopped that and they just went ahead and did it. I admit that the threesome scenes were all hot and it helps that all three actors have terrific chemistry with each other. The ending with Izzy saying “I love us” made me smile.

Which leads me to…Izzy being left out when Emma and Jack had their freakouts and the two of them were comforting each other and telling each other “I love you” while Izzy is just standing there watching this unfold. My heart broke a little for Izzy because she probably felt the reality of how insane this whole thing is because no matter what happens, Emma and Jack will most likely still be together and Izzy will be the who will end up having her heart broken if/when this relationship deteriorates. I really wanted to give her a hug during this moment. It didn’t help that she was standing there with those doe eyes looking sad.

Lastly, how hot was that scene when Izzy broached the subject of the threesome again and have them continue on…with her walking to the bedroom…holy shit. That was hot.


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