“Yeah, assuming you’re a sociopath, it makes perfect, blood-curdling sense”

Episode Title: Niece Jackie
Original Air Date: April 19, 2016
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Izzy, Emma and Jack cope with the real world consequences of their burgeoning alt relationship.As the trio reunite to bolster their collective nerve and take a huge leap, Andy begins to put the pieces together about what Izzy’s really been up to.

My Review

Oh man, things are getting serious up in here. Izzy, Emma, and Jack’s feelings for each other are all out now and they really are going to give this a try, having a relationship with each other. Izzy, Izzy, Izzy. Meeting the Trakarsky and falling in love with both of them must have been the last thing that she expected so to see her being conflicted about her feelings at first and then being sure of what she wants by the end of the episode made me smile.

I liked that they all laid everything out in the open and just be honest with each other. They all admitted that each of them are jealous when the other two are together and that this was never a business relationship, that they were all just fooling themselves into thinking this was a business arrangement. Izzy never cashing in that check and tearing it into pieces was the last step into making this relationship a reality.

The whole aunt/uncle thing is cracking me up because there is no way this is not going to end well for all of them. Jack might even lose out on the dean position at the prestigious high school. Can’t wait to see how all of this comes out to their neighbors and also to Andy.

Speaking of, how awkward was it when he showed up at Izzy and Nina’s apartment while Jack was still there? LOL. I just wish that Izzy didn’t string him along because he really does seem like a good guy. (Hello, Miller from The 100!) Here’s hoping he doesn’t freak out when he finds out where Izzy went and what she’s doing.

Nina and Carmen continue to be great friends to Izzy and Emma, respectively. I did utter an “ooh” when Carmen said that Emma better not bring this lifestyle back to their neighborhood because “I’m cool, but not that cool.”


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