“Why do you guys keep making me feel this way?”

Episode Title: The Relationship More Populated
Original Air Date: May 10, 2016
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

With blackmail and hurt feelings accumulating all around them, Emma and Jack decide the only way to move forward with Izzy is to reinstate the business arrangement parameters. But Izzy has a plan of her own that’s WAY more fun… until it isn’t.

My Review

This episode made me legitimately tear up and we all know which scene it was. Izzy looking so freaking heartbroken broke my cold heart into a million pieces. This whole thing is so complicated and I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were in any of their shoes. It’s easy to say that Emma and Jack should choose to be with Izzy, but they are both right that they have so much to lose if they continue seeing Izzy. Their jobs could be on the line if word of their arrangement comes out. Their neighborhood will ostracize them. Their families would judge them and would never let them forget about this. And on and on. The judgment they can probably deal with, but them losing their jobs is a huge risk and on top of all of this they are trying to have a baby so where does this leave Izzy? Ugh, what a mess.

It’s crazy that even after rationalizing all of that in my head, I still want these three to stay together because they seem to be really great for each other. If this whole thing is going to work, Emma and Jack need to treat Izzy as part of the relationship and not as an outsider or a third wheel. Let her be involved in their decisions and not make a decision together and tell Izzy after. Come on, you three. Get your shit together.

Damn, I’m still so sad about Izzy in the end of the episode. Her saying “Why do you guys keep making me feel this way?” gutted me. She has fallen head over heels in love with this couple and it sucks that they are not there yet in admitting that they probably feel the same way for her.

I thought it was sweet when she brought all that stuff to Jack and Emma’s place and told them to just give her one night and if they still feel the same way after, then they could just forget about each other. She was trying so hard to have their relationship be more about sex and even though her efforts were appreciated, I don’t think they were appreciated enough. Poor Izzy talking about moving in. That was definitely the wrong thing to say at this point and she wasn’t thinking and was most likely high so it just came out at the heat of the moment. She instantly regretted it the moment the words came out of her mouth, though.

Nina is a great friend. I loved that she asked Emma and Jack what their intentions are with Izzy and I laughed when she told them that Izzy genuinely likes both of them and they both start asking Nina which one she likes more, lol.

Carmen and Dave helping their friends with the charade also make them great friends. I laughed when Carmen said “And you want us to help you kill her?” when they told them that Ava is blackmailing them. She always has the best lines.

To end this on a shallow note, how ADORABLE did Izzy look in that plaid coat? I actually paused the episode for a few seconds when she first got to the Trakarskys because I just had to admire the beauty. Okay, cheesiness over.


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