“Okay, I’m going to keep this simple. What the fuck?”

Episode Title: Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames
Original Air Date: February 14, 2017
Episode Number: 2×01

Episode Description

In the Season 2 premiere, the now official “throuple” commit to cohabitation, face the disapproval of friends and family, and stand their ground in a bold, painful and permanent way.

My Review

I just finished binge-watching season one so it was a bit weird to see Izzy with curly hair in this episode when the premiere is a continuation of the airport scene from season one. I hope the curly hair goes away soon because I’m not a fan although Izzy still looks stunning despite the curly hair. :/

So Dave is planting this seed that Emma might be into Izzy and that she might even leave him for her. Let’s see if this germinates in Jack’s mind and if this becomes an issue down the line. I have seen hints of Jack looking jealous/feeling left out whenever Emma and Izzy would start making out so if the show wants to go there, it would be believable and wouldn’t really be a surprise. I doubt it would happen, though.

Nina and Izzy have such a complicated relationship. One minute they’re fighting, the next they’re hugging, and then they’re back to shouting at each other, lol. Ah, friendship.

Favorite moment of the episode? Definitely Emma saying to Izzy “I thought I lost you” and then Izzy kissing her to reassure her that she didn’t.


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