“I’m pretty sure my hair had an orgasm”

Episode Title: The Morning After
Original Air Date: May 3, 2016
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

The awkward morning after dredges up old fears for Jack and Emma and wounded feelings for Izzy. With their three-way fling feeling like more trouble than it’s worth, Jack and Emma wish they’d shut it down before the whole blackmail thing started.

My Review

It’s official. Nina is AWESOME. I mean, less so for sleeping with Andy, but it’s not like Izzy had any claims to him anymore. But back to Nina. All of her scenes with Izzy were my favorite part of the episode from their verbal argument, to them making up and declaring I love yous to each other, to them fighting on the floor, and to them having an honest conversation regarding Izzy’s relationship. Just great stuff all around. I want a friendship like theirs.

Nina telling Izzy that she probably scared off the Trakarskys when she suggested they play hooky and go on a date with her was pretty smart. Just the way she explained it and likened it to Izzy doing the same thing with a guy that she just met three days ago and how that would look. Genius. Izzy totally got it after that.

Things are getting a bit sticky again with Izzy feeling conflicted about how she feels about Emma and Jack and how things are getting a bit confusing for all of them because they’re not sure what to make of this relationship and how to make it work. Emma and Jack say that they will go back to paying Izzy so that the relationship will remain a business arrangement, but I think they’re waaaaay past that at this point.

I loved the Emma/Izzy scene on the sidewalk and how Izzy calmed Emma down by telling her:

“Don’t forget, though.”
“Forget what?”
[Cue Izzy kissing Emma]

I swooned, I’m not gonna lie. I swoon every time these two kiss.

Ava blackmailing the Trakarskys…even though she’s annoying, I’m actually kinda curious to see how the show will use this plotline.

Lots of great lines in this episode and here are just a few of my favorites.

“If I make it all the way over there and those stupid-ass glasses are still on that stupid-ass face, I’m gonna break them into tiny pieces and shove each and every one up your self-righteous…”

“If you so much as touch my very excellent glasses, I’m gonna beat you until my arms go numb, at which point, the kicking will commence.”

“You kiss your aunt with that mouth?”

“Roommates who break the girl code do not get oxygen.”


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