“Why would you do this?”

Episode Title: Cigarettes and Funions and Crap
Original Air Date: March 22, 2016
Episode Number: 1×01

Episode Description

Suburban Portland couple Emma and Jack Trakarsky are totally in love but seriously lacking spice. They end up tangled up with an escort (grad student Izzy) to get the mojo back, setting into motion a life-changing series of events for the trio.

My Review

Since there’s a bit of a lull in my TV viewing schedule, I decided to start watching this because I have always been curious about the show’s premise ever since I read about it last year, but just didn’t have the time to actually check it out. A friend recommending it helped nudge me into finally watching this and it did not disappoint.

I do not blame Jack and Emma one bit for being enamored and liking Izzy right away because I was in the exact same position as them. The actress playing Izzy is absolutely perfect and she is stunning. She had great chemistry with both Greg and Rachel and I just couldn’t stop smiling at all her scenes with them.

Her scene with Jack was really cute at how shy they were before they started making out and I liked how they just talked in the beginning and she got to know a lot about Jack’s marriage. Her scene with Emma, on the other hand, was hot. I cannot believe Izzy gave her a foot job under the table in a public restaurant. Did Emma come during this and was that why she had tears in her eyes? And the makeout scene in the bathroom? Also hot. Damn, I’m going to enjoy these two so much, I can just feel it.

“Surprise” indeed.


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