“I guess Norma Bates got the hell out of dodge”

Episode Title: Checkmate
Original Air Date: March 15, 2017
Episode Number: 5×16

Episode Description

Oliver gets closer to the truth about Prometheus. Meanwhile, Helix refuses to continue helping Felicity until she does a favor for them.

My Review

What does it say about the show and its protagonist if the viewers are rooting more for the big bad of the season over the show’s protagonist? Just asking for a friend because all throughout this episode, I didn’t feel sorry for Oliver once and was on Adrian’s side. Oliver has been a dumbass for much of this season and even though I still like him, I can’t help but root on Adrian and whatever crusade he has going on against Oliver.

I love that he’s ten steps ahead of Oliver and tells Oliver flat out that Oliver doesn’t even know what game they’re playing. I think Prometheus is the best villain this show has had in a long time. Prometheus can cause real damage to Oliver and the people that Oliver cares about because the conflict between Prometheus and Oliver is personal. And on top of that, Prometheus has Talia on his side. This was actually a surprise because I would have thought that Talia could have cared less that her father was killed by Oliver.

Adrian killing his own wife was not really a surprise (probably only to Oliver and his team); in fact, I was expecting it. Adrian is way ahead of Oliver in the family department because he has no one else left that Oliver can hurt in order to hurt him (except for his mother) and besides, Oliver would never stoop to torturing his enemy’s loved one to exact revenge on his enemy. Or so he says.

It will only be a matter of time before Felicity’s friend over at Helix figures out that she’s working with the Green Arrow, right? I’m glad her friend told her that she needs to contribute to Helix, too. Quid pro quo indeed. Why couldn’t the show just have Felicity figure out how to hack the drone instead of having her get help from Curtis? The show should just have Curtis focus on doing inventions that would help the team and leave the hacking and the computer hacking to Felicity. Way to diminish Felicity’s ability, show.

The flashbacks are boring to me, but at least they’re not last season’s flashbacks with the awful “Poppy” character. I did get a laugh at Anatoly asking Oliver why he’s dressed as Robin Hood and why he’s disguising his voice, lol. And were my eyes deceiving me or were those hockey players kept on playing for a while after the shootout started? That must have been normal for them.

I’m shocked the show actually had Oliver talk to Felicity and tell her that he’s worried about her and whatever it is that she’s doing and not telling anyone about. When Felicity’s secret comes to light, it should make for a good scene with Diggle and Oliver.

Dinah calling Rene “Lassie” was hilarious and for that she gets a point.

Lastly, no one cares about Susan, show. Stop making this character happen.


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