“The darkness can kill my worthless ass”

Episode Title: We Will Rise
Original Air Date: March 15, 2017
Episode Number: 4×06

Episode Description

Clarke and Roan must work together in hostile territory in order to deliver an invaluable asset to Abby and her team.

My Review

Very good episode and I kinda regret not watching this one live, lol.

I was pleasantly surprised with the opening scene of Clarke and Niylah in bed together. Didn’t think Clarke would have moved on so quick after Lexa, but I think this is nothing but a rebound. Both of them are not looking for a relationship, just for someone to spend the night with and to experience something physical with another person. Boy, they would make for a great couple, though, and I think Niylah would be very good to/for Clarke because she could balance Clarke’s seriousness with her carefree attitude and reminding Clarke to take it easy once in a while.

I loved that Niylah acknowledged Lexa and how important she was to Clarke and how Lexa would have been proud of what Clarke is doing and has accomplished. It made me smile when Niylah said “We are all your people now.” Damn right. I also loved it when Clarke asked Niylah to stay in Arkadia so that when they have the cure, Niylah would be there to get it. Clarke cares for Niylah, no doubt about it.

The Clarke/Kane scene was one of the highlights of the episode for me especially that hug and how Clarke let herself go during this moment and just feel the hug 100%. So sweet when Clarke told Kane that she would send his love to Abby.

Another highlight was the ever complicated relationship between Murphy and Raven and how this episode addressed it head-on. I don’t blame Raven for attacking Murphy and for shouting those things at him because lord knows he deserves them, but it kinda broke my heart when Murphy just laid there (metaphorically-speaking) and took it all in. The hate he has for himself is more than enough to equal Raven’s hate for him. It’s how he’s survived all this time and even though he sees himself was unworthy of being saved, deep down we all know that he truly is a good person. Murphy has one of the best character arcs on the show.

Luna and Raven. Okay, I’m totally on board that ship now. What is their ship name? Moonbird? Heh. It was great to see Luna calm Raven down by offering some soothing words in Trigedasleng. Whatever works. I also really liked the scene between Luna and Murphy and how she convinced him to stop hating himself and to go back and help Raven. And hell, it worked. Both of them were able to help Raven get out from her rut and figure out another way to land the ship safely. It’s too bad she has to go back to square one now that one of the barrels had been emptied. It was so sad to see Raven having another seizure.

The Roan/Bellamy/Clarke teamup proved to be a great one because their teamwork proved beneficial when they were able to kill those Azgeda traitors and get the barrels back. Roan and Bellamy’s conversation in the rover about everyone just thinking about saving their people and no one else was pretty illuminating especially when Roan said that Clarke might be the only possible exception. Too true.

I rolled my eyes at Bellamy about to say something to Clarke and she cut her off (LOL). The writers need to stop with this ship and just don’t go there. These two are better off as comrades in arms and as friends. Yes, they are both special to each other and they love each other very much, but that doesn’t mean they also have to be romantically involved. Men and women can be friends without it turning into a sexual relationship (see: Joan and Sherlock in Elementary – perfect example).

I did not enjoy the flashbacks of Lincoln getting shot in the head because it was horrible then and it’s still horrible. There really was no need for that. They could have shown it in the previews and that would have been enough. Marie Avgeropoulus played the hell out of that scene, though. I really wanted Octavia to shoot Ilian because he deserved it and because I don’t want to see the inevitable storyline that these two will hook up down the line. Cue me rolling my eyes again. As if it wasn’t already obvious that they would end up together, they both ran out of Arkadia to meet again out there. Ho hum. I want Octavia to find Indra and live with her instead of her and Ilian having a relationship. Come on, show. Surprise me! You’re better than this!


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