“Don’t start asking questions or it all falls apart”

Episode Title: The Flush
Original Air Date: March 14, 2017
Episode Number: 3×17

Episode Description

Louis plans a guys’ weekend for he and Eddie, but is disappointed when he invites his buddies over for a sleepover instead. Unbeknownst to Louis, Eddie and his friends hide out in his room, trying beer for the first time. Meanwhile, Jessica, Emery, Evan, and Honey go on a road trip to Georgia to save a few dollars on a piece of furniture.

My Review

An episode with Honey is automatically a great episode in my book and this one didn’t disappoint. I got excited when Honey and Jessica decided to go on an impromptu road trip together with Evan and Emery. This was a funny storyline especially when Honey likened her situation with the boys to being hostages, lol. I lost it when she asked them “When can I stop smiling?” and they said “You can’t.”

I actually can’t believe that Jessica tore apart those tickets and took off the license plates. What was she thinking? I guess Honey’s words and the boys siding with her, really made Jessica think twice about her “Road Grump” behavior, but she took it a bit too far.

OMG, the Asian Flush. I didn’t know that was a real thing! I suffer from it and don’t really mind since I don’t like to drink anyway, but the one time I did, I learned the hard way since I had to travel abroad the next day and it wasn’t fun even though I didn’t even drink that much.

I wonder if real-life Eddie Huang rarely drinks these days because if he took his dad’s advice, that’s way too much hassle just so you can enjoy something that honestly tastes like “garbage” (show’s Eddie’s words).

LOVED the Ming-Na cameo! That was so random and downright hilarious. I need to know the story behind this cameo.


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