“You’re not royalty. You’re a robber baron.”

Episode Title: The Oath
Original Air Date: March 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

Chuck develops a new strategy. Axe considers a major charitable pledge.

My Review

Not as great as the first three episodes of the season, but still a very good one. I’m worried for Bryan now. Chuck has proof that Bryan was the one who called the tip in about Chuck so I wonder what Chuck is going to do with this information. I was surprised that Bryan called Dake’s bluff and is supporting Chuck in his quest to take down Boyd’s company. I liked Dake’s warning to Bryan and how he likened Bryan’s decision to the violin players on the Titanic: “I offered you a lifeboat. You picked up a violin. Happy fiddling, Bryan.”

Speaking of, that was pretty brilliant how Chuck orchestrated that whole thing with meeting Boyd, asking him for a favor, going after a few mid-level employees, pretending to call of the investigation, and this leads to Boyd going back to doing illegal things. Now Chuck’s insider person has his work cut out for him to get the evidence to put Boyd in jail and to take down his company. Genius. See, when Chuck is not obsessed with taking Axe down, he can be quite a smart tactician. His obsession with Axe is going to end up being his downfall.

Chuck’s conversation with Bryan was quite illuminating and this quote is just genius and made me really think about employing this at work: “The best way to bond with someone isn’t doing a favor, it’s asking for one. That’s the Franklin effect. You make the other person feel valued, like you’ve given them power so you won’t hurt them.”

The showdown/deposition was a great scene with the two of them having a dick-measuring contest, lol. I was surprised to see Axe being thrown by Chuck’s lawyer asking him if he was affected emotionally or mentally by what Chuck did. I can’t believe that left him speechless. I loved Axe strolling back to the conference room with that swagger, though, and knowing full well he now has the upper hand. Can’t wait to see how this plays out next week.

The scene with Axe losing the NFL bid was great because we don’t usually see Axe not getting his way and for Sanford to tell him that he’s not royalty, but that he’s “a robber baron” instead made my jaw drop a little. I mean Axe got what he deserved since he didn’t mean to really give to charity and was just using that for publicity and Sanford is not stupid. He knew that the meeting was leaked by Axe’s people.

Kate learning her father is not a saint must be hard since she seems to really adore and admire her father. What does this mean, though? Is he involved with Boyd’s company doing illegal things? I liked the scene where Bryan went to her apartment to tell her about her father having an offshore account and I had to laugh when his comment “you weren’t wearing that at the office” was met with Kate’s dry “yeah” response. I have always enjoyed these two characters’ interactions.

Lara scaring off her competition by paying her brother’s childhood friends to hire hookers and smear the other company’s brand and name was pretty impressive. She can be ruthless when she wants to and Axe even seemed quite impressed his wife managed to drive the competition to the ground without his help.

Wags getting an ass tattoo (of Yosemite) and not remembering it was a funny moment. He’s definitely losing it and good on Axe for recognizing that it’s Wendy who can put Wags back together. Loved it when Wendy told Wags to make a fucking appointment “like a grown up.” Wendy is not here to be some rich man’s lackey.

Was Wendy hitting on the owner of that space company? I know he’s pretty, but I would rather not have her be entangled in some kind of romance this season or ever because it’s just so damn predictable. The first thing that came to mind when I saw Wendy and the guy in their first scene together was “Great, they are so gonna fuck” and I rolled my eyes. I hope the writers are not this predictable and will not have them fucking in the next episode.

I liked the astronaut that Wendy was interviewing, but I think Wendy’s recommendation was spot on and I’m not psychiatrist. She’s perfectly correct that Elena would not be able to handle the stress if/when something goes wrong in space because she hasn’t experienced that stress/emotional vulnerability during her life so who knows how she’ll respond when faced with a life and death situation while handling a $1.3 billion spacecraft?


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