“Screw the grace of God”

Episode Title: Alt.Truth
Original Air Date: March 12, 2017
Episode Number: 6×08

Episode Description

Carrie and Saul present evidence to Keane. Quinn tracks a mark.

My Review

Oh man, this season has been firing on all cylinders! This was yet another intense and suspenseful episode and I think I was holding my breath in the last five minutes of the episode because it was so tense. Damn.

RIP, Astrid. You were a great agent and an even fantastic friend especially to Quinn. She is going to be missed and I felt so bad when Quinn punched her and railed at her because he suspected her of working with that guy who was spying on Carrie. I was surprised to see that she was still in the house when Quinn came back because if I were her, I would have walked to town and left Quinn there.

I thought her conversation with Quinn was interesting especially when she scoffed at Quinn calling her “friend.” Her saying “Friend? You idiot. Don’t you know anything?” made it seem like she was in love with Quinn and Quinn was oblivious about it. This makes Quinn’s behavior early in the episode that much more hurtful. Imagine being Astrid in this moment, the person you’re in love with physically abusing you and getting mad at you. That would have done a number on me.

Fuck Dar. Quinn is going to absolutely eviscerate him if/when he finds out Dar is the one behind everything. Between Quinn, Carrie, and Saul I don’t think Dar has a fighting chance in hell. Carrie and Saul have reunited and will be working together; now they just need to find out what happened to Quinn and get him on board.

Javadi, hoo boy. That was a shock. My jaw somewhat dropped when he reverted his story when he met with Keane and of course he was lying at Dar’s orders. I can’t believe he went to Dar instead of trusting Saul. No way Javadi is going to survive. Dar is going to have him killed. No loose ends. Javadi better remember that. Those were his words.

So if Keane believes Javadi, she will put a stop to this nuclear treaty which would make Dar quite happy. We haven’t seen her combat the attack on her son yet, though. Wonder how she’ll react and if she’s going to suspect foul play and see Dar for who he really is. It should raise a red flag with her since Dar wanted these exact two things to happen: the nuclear treaty to be abolished and for the war in the Middle East to continue and not to pull out the troops. Keane seems to be quite perceptive so I hope she realizes this on her own without Carrie or Saul’s help. She needs to find out on her own.

The Saul/Carrie reunion was great, but it wasn’t even the best part of the episode (if none of the above happened, their reunion would have been the best part). Saul taking Carrie to see Franny at the foster parents’ place was really nice and I’m glad Carrie listened to him and didn’t barge to the house just to see Franny and risk making everything a hundred times worse.

Looking forward to the next episode!


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