“I’m offering you my dead mother’s clothes”

Episode Title: Hidden
Original Air Date: March 14, 2017
Episode Number: 5×04

Episode Description

Norman discovers who he can rely on as he attempts to protect his secrets; Romero struggles to find safety.

My Review

Oh no, Madeleine. I fear for you, girl. But at the same time, I’m somewhat dubious of her going after Norman even though she’s still married. I mean, Sam is worse and you can’t entirely fault Madeleine since a woman has needs and she probably suspects that Sam is cheating on her, but still. No way this isn’t going to end well for her. She is going to end up dead by Mother’s hand and if Norman’s imagination is any indication, it will be a bloody death for her.

This episode was the perfect example of how this show handles dark humor so well. The first half of the episode had me laughing especially Norman and Mother’s interactions. The whole dress argument, the argument about what to do with Caleb’s body, the argument over Jim Blackwell’s car…all great and hilarious stuff.

So Chick is out of the picture for now, but I have a feeling it won’t last long and he’ll soon be back and living with the Bates. I had to laugh at him building a funeral pyre (a la Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones) for Caleb and burning his body. I was thinking that that might not have been the most discreet way to get rid of a body because anyone could have seen a floating fiery boat on that lake and reported it to the authorities.

Speaking of, I like the new sheriff and she already knows something’s not right with Norman. Can Norman be any more nervous when talking to her? The guy is such a bad liar and it was pretty amusing to see him stuttering and lying his way out of his other lies.

Romero lives, yay! Who is this Maggie person? Have we met her before? Is she his sister?

Norman offering Norma’s clothes to Madeleine is creepy as hell. No way in hell should any normal person give clothes from their dead mother’s closet to another person that you’re attracted to. And Madeleine is a little nutty for even entertaining Norman and trying on the clothes and even wearing them to the dinner with Norman. What in the hell?! LOL.

Kudos to Max Thieriot for doing a good job directing the episode. There was only one shot that I didn’t like and thought was weird and it was when Norman was looking at the guest book as the sheriff was also looking at it. I just thought it was a weird angle and we could see up Freddie’s nose.

Lots of great and hilarious lines from this episode:

“What the hell crawled into your pants?”

“We are a species of complainers.”

“Dead or not, I can’t be prancing around the house naked.”

“I’m offering you my dead mother’s clothes.”

ETA: So the shot I was referencing above is apparently an homage to Pyscho so I take back what I said about it being a bad shot. I feel like such a bad fan now for not recognizing it right away. Good job, Max.


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