“Hate is nature’s most perfect energy source. It’s endlessly renewable.”

Episode Title: Optimal Play
Original Air Date: March 5, 2017
Episode Number: 2×03

Episode Description

Axe considers buying an NFL team. Chuck cultivates a low-level informant.

My Review

Man, I am loving the hell out of this season so far. I am fascinated by Axe and Taylor’s relationship and how they seem to really get each other and can tell when the other is lying through their teeth. Taylor has been a fantastic addition to the team and I love that working at Axe Capital seems like a conflict for her. Really intriguing character and I applaud the writers for creating such a dynamic character that is unlike any other character on this show before. I just hope that Taylor doesn’t end up ruined once all is said and done because they are surrounded by these sharks and I also hope that they can take them and can fight when they have to.

Krakow taking Wendy to the Alpha Cup totally backfired on him. If he knew what was good for him, he should have listened to her. Let’s see if he’s still going to keep on hounding her to work for him.

The Wendy/Chuck scene at the therapist’s office was interesting and made me feel bad for Chuck, but then I remember what he did and then I don’t feel bad anymore. Wendy has every right to tell him to find his own place despite it affecting the kids negatively (probably). I did like how they both complimented each other on being good parents. Why did I have a feeling that Chuck was making up the story about the vow story with Kevin though?

Kate coming to the rescue only to be thrown off the case (well, not being assigned to be the lead) and having to be Bryan’s assistant yet again. I get why Chuck had Bryan take the lead with the flight attendant, but still, that was fucked up. Good thing Kate has a good head on her shoulders and is not vindictive and has great advice from her dad. It’ll only be a matter of time before she gets to take the lead. I personally think she’s the best out of all of them.

It’s a good thing Chuck and company now have an insider within Boyd’s company thanks to the flight attendant spying on Boyd. Let’s see how they end up using McKinnon to really stick it to Boyd.

I had to laugh at Lara using the fact that the Axe employees are all hungover the next day as a business opportunity for her and for her nurse friend Mo. That shot of them barging into the office and rolling the IV drips with them was ridiculously awesome, I admit. $1,000 per drip. Shit. Good thing everyone on this show is rich.

Axe buying Chuck’s precious books and telling Stephanie to buy all the first editions of the same books from around the world just so he can stick it to Chuck made me shake my head. These rich people and their games, I tell ya. I was also shocked at the lengths Axe is willing to go to buy an NFL team that he will pay $200 million more than anyone just so he can have an NFL team.


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