“Tupac had a six-pack?”

Episode Title: Gabby Goose
Original Air Date: March 8, 2017
Episode Number: 3×16

Episode Description

The Huangs host couples game night, and Louis works up the courage to confront Jessica about being a sore loser. Meanwhile, Emery and Evan help Eddie grieve the unexpected, sudden death of rapper Notorious B.I.G.

My Review

Love this episode especially Evan and Emery trying their best to cheer Eddie up. That drawing of Biggie was really sweet and I loved that they included the yacht and drawing themselves on it along with Biggie and Eddie. All the ways they were trying to cheer him up were also very sweet. I laughed when Evan came out wearing those short shorts. Too cute.

I was pleasantly surprised at Honey and Louis’ scenes because that is one pairing we rarely see on the show. I thought their scenes were great especially the first one when both of them were treading lightly in regards to talking about Jessica and her being a sore loser.

Honey showing Louis how to talk to Jessica about a sensitive issue was gold. I have to try this sometime and see how it works for me.

Louis is horrible at Charades, omg, lol. Why would he use Abe Lincoln as a clue for Babe? No one will make that association ever.

Loved the opening scene with Jessica walking out after Louis bungled the first game saying she’s going to the bathroom only to come back wearing her PJs and brushing her teeth, lmao.


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