“Who have I agreed to marry?”

Episode Title: Playing With Fire
Original Air Date: March 3, 2017
Episode Number: 4×04

Episode Description

Lord Darnley surprises Mary with a visit to Scotland, which allows her to see more to their union than just a political bond. Meanwhile, Elizabeth attempts to acquire allies; and Catherine wants Claude to focus on securing a new husband.

My Review

I would like to thank the writers for that gratuitous shot of James taking off his shirt and then later on appearing all sweaty, lol. I mean it’s totally ridiculous, but whatever. It’s the least ridiculous things I’ve seen happen on this show. James has grown on me a lot since his first few appearances and I think that he is the “Loyal Watchman.” He looked downright suspicious when he saw Darnley rescue that boy from the fire.

I’m still not too keen on James using Knox’s wife to spy on Knox because it is not going to end well for her. Is James actually falling for her too or he’s just a good pretender?

With Greer saying that Castleroy is not the same man as he once was, is this the opening that we’ll get for Greer and James to potentially get together? They looked really good handing bread to the townspeople and I wouldn’t oppose to them getting together. Mary’s adviser and Mary’s best friend. I bet Mary would be more than happy. Greer has to divorce Castleroy first, though, but that has to be tough getting approval from the Vatican. Hmm.

Leith is alive and he comes back just as Claude has wed Narcisse’s son. Oh, show. You never fail to bring on the drama. This is going to cause even more conflict with Claude, Leeza, and Catherine because Claude and Catherine will fight tooth and nail to have this marriage annulled so Claude can live a happy life with Leith. Let’s see how this unfolds.

I’m tired of Charles’ antics already. Just reveal what the fuck is wrong with him and get on with it. Him pushing Catherine against the wall was not cool. You don’t treat your mother like that, you ungrateful bastard. I hope that Catherine pulls him out of his stupor and serves him one hell of a reality check. He might be king, but she’s still his mother, king or not.

Poor Gideon. I hope that Elizabeth finds a way to help Agatha. If Gideon is gone, she will lose a vital member of her crown. I hated that pompous lord that Elizabeth had to please just so he would throw his support her way. If only shooting an animal was that easy to sway men’s opinions about women being of equal stature. Jeez.

Loved the opening scene with Greer and Mary being cute and throwing blueberries at each other’s mouths. More Greer/Mary scenes, please and thank you.


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