“When someone hands me money, I don’t ask them where it came from”

Episode Title: Rekt in Real Life
Original Air Date: February 19, 2017
Episode Number: 5×14

Episode Description

Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a former professional eSports video game player who died after being assaulted in front of his fans during a live video stream. Also, Shinwell approaches Joan for advice when his teenage daughter asks to meet with him for the first time in years.

My Review

The case of the week got a bit convoluted there with the twists and turns, but in the end, it was interesting that all of this was perpetrated by an ambitious lawyer who just wanted to make partner. Her actions had repercussions from NY all the way to Canada. Nice bit of casting Marcia, Marcia, Marcia herself aka Maureen McCormick.

Poor Shinwell getting his hopes up that his daughter would want a relationship with him after she asks for his help. Kind of a low blow from his daughter though. Damn.

Loved Joan’s tie and coat when she went to see Shinwell at his apartment. Lucy looks stunning wearing a suit and tie, that’s for sure. Not too keen on JLM’s shaved head.


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