“I just like being right”

Episode Title: Dead Cat Bounce
Original Air Date: February 26, 2017
Episode Number: 2×02

Episode Description

Axe publicly spars with a rival hedge fund manager and with the help of a talented intern initiates a new financial play to hurt the competition. Chuck deploys his team to quickly find a high-profile case that might save his sinking status. Wendy navigates a minefield of questioning that could result in disaster for Chuck.

My Review

God, this show makes watching the spoiled rich people quite entertaining. I mean, I should hate that these people are what’s making this country’s economic disparity so wide that there’s this huge gap between the super rich and the super poor. It makes me sick that Axe and his people talk about money like it’s nothing. It was horrifying when they were talking about Wendy’s $5M bonus as being chump change. I can’t even begin to imagine how that must be like.

So Chuck figured out a way not to get fired and it’s all thanks to Kate and Wendy. Kate was the one who put that firm’s name on the table and Wendy was the one who told Chuck to do a 180. He put the pieces together and came up with this plan to go after the firm who’s a supporter of the administration and virtually untouchable, that if the Attorney General fires him now, that she would blatantly be showing support for the firm, that it would come off as proof that the administration have the firm’s back.

Chuck’s dad is the worst. He has no redeeming qualities aside from loving Chuck. Him thinking that Chuck could just buy off Wendy and convince her to come back to Chuck just because she got a six-figure ring made me so mad. His comment about all women being like that…fuck you, you piece of shit. His condescending tone when talking to Wendy made me want to punch him in the face and I loved that Wendy didn’t let him bulldoze all over her. I also loved that the sitter knew what ‘pas devant’ means. Papa Rhoades talking in French assuming that the sitter doesn’t know jack shit about French is another one of his bad moments.

Watching Axe maneuver and manipulate his rival’s Chinese coverup was pretty awesome mostly with thanks to Taylor. I hope that Taylor doesn’t get sucked into this world so easily and that she gets out while she still has a soul. It’s crazy that Axe would offer her a million dollars to work for him. Yes, she’s talented and smart and all that, but damn. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around at how much these people just throw money at other people’s faces and expect them to do their bidding. I liked how Axe honored Taylor’s wish at using non-gender specific pronouns. That was good.

Dr. Gus is already annoying me. I can’t wait for Axe to meet him and then hopefully he promptly fires his ass. Wags losing it at the Japanese place was an eye opener. He’s got serious issues, obviously.

What is Bryan’s deal? Is he really working with/for Axe?


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