“There was so much good cooking in this dish”

Episode Title: Comida Final
Original Air Date: March 2, 2017
Episode Number: 14×14

Episode Description

The top chef is revealed in the Season 14 finale. Before that, the final two chefs face off by preparing an epic four-course progressive meal that must impress their families, the judges and distinguished chefs. Appearing: Joachim Splichal; Jonathan Waxman; Martha Ortiz; Jonathon Sawyer; Daniel Boulud and Nilou Motamed.

My Review

First time all season that I couldn’t wait until the following day to watch this since I didn’t want to end up accidentally spoiled and I just had to know who was going to win. THRILLED that Brooke won. She has been my horse in this race since the season began so I’m beyond happy that she finally got that win after Kristin came back from Last Chance Kitchen and won their season. Must be nice to do the same thing as Kristin and win this season.

I don’t care about the conspiracy theories about Brooke being the favored chef to win this season and how the whole LCK thing was set up to bring her back and have her win just like Kristin. Brooke deserved to be in the finale and deserved to win. She is a talented chef and I would love to taste her food one of these days if I ever find myself around her home town.

I got nervous when Brooke messed up her flan, but judging from the judges’ comments, she easily won the first two courses, tied with Shirley on the third course, and bombed her fourth course. The score is 2-1-0 for Brooke and 0-1-1 for Shirley. Looking at it like that, there was no way Brooke would have lost this. She had it in the bag after the third course.

It was so sweet when Gail kissed Brooke and then proceeded to talk to Shirley and offer her some really nice words. I always love seeing Gail comforting the runner-ups and assuring them that they did great, etc. Another reason why I love her. Also, how gorgeous did she look in that dress? Great color on her.

Gail saying “There was so much good cooking in this dish” about Brooke’s octopus dish made me smile so much. I think it was a unanimous hit with everyone. Tom praising it as “finale food” made me very happy. Also loved hearing everyone rave about Shirley’s rice pudding dessert. I would have loved to have tasted some of that.

I’m sad this season is over because my week will feel empty now without this show. Until next season!


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