“You really have no idea how offensive you are, do you?”

Episode Title: The Return
Original Air Date: February 26, 2017
Episode Number: 6×06

Episode Description

Carrie follows a lead. Saul meets an old friend. Keane takes a stand.

My Review

Fantastic episode! Now that’s the show I love. Non-stop suspense and quite thrilling episode.

I’m disappointed that Conlin is dead because he would have been a huge help for Carrie if he wasn’t killed. I actually thought his car was going to blow up when he got back into it and was relieved when it didn’t. And then we got the scene at his house and I felt this dread that something was wrong and sure enough, he’s dead. Bummer. I was beginning to like him after he listened to Carrie and looked into the mysterious man.

So it’s looking like whoever hired the mysterious man hired him from this private spy agency and I have a feeling that things will end up pointing back to Dar hiring said mysterious man.

Carrie visiting Quinn at Bellevue (I will never get over my excitement every time I hear Bellevue being mentioned on TV shows and movies) was rough. Quinn is paranoid as ever and I attribute that to him being forced to take his meds. He seemed fine when he was staying at Carrie.

Astrid kidnapping Quinn! That was a twist! Now at whose orders were Astrid and company operating on? Did Carrie reach out to her? Did Dar? Guess we’ll find out next episode.

Saul looking into the movements of the female Mossad agent was great. He finally suspects something is not on the up and up and his SVR’s intel proved him right. I can’t wait to see how Saul handles this information that Dar is playing his own game and leaving Saul out of it. I want Saul and Carrie to talk to each other already.

Keane escaping the compound? Fantastic. I loved that she took matters into her own hands and said fuck all to protocol and convinced the landlady to get her out and drive her back to Manhattan. It was nice that they had that talk in the truck because it gave Keane the perspective that she shouldn’t keep the death of her son quiet and that she should laud the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to keep our country safe.

I laughed when Keane subverted POTUS’ message about working together to enact (or is it to support and continue with?) the Patriot Act to combat terrorism on home soil. No one is going to bully Big Apple!


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